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Fix The Primaries represents a bipartisan group of reformers who recognize that our presidential nomination process is breaking down. We believe Congress and the parties should act immediately to create a bipartisan commission to examine far-reaching reform options.

The Delaware Plan

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The Delaware Plan relies on "backloading" the primary schedule, that is, allowing less populated states to go first and the most populated to go last, to avoid the negative outcomes discussed above. The Delaware Plan involves four "pods" or sets of primaries during which a section of states may hold their primary elections.

How it Works

Beginning the first Tuesday in March, the pods vote 30 days apart as follows:

POD 1: American Samoa, Virgin Islands, Guam, Wyoming, District of Columbia, Vermont, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Delaware, Montana, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Puerto Rico. Population total: 14.8 million.

POD 2: Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, West Virginia, Utah, Arkansas, Kansas, Mississippi, Iowa, Connecticut, Oregon, Oklahoma, South Carolina. Population total: 33.5 million.

POD 3: Kentucky, Colorado, Alabama, Louisiana, Arizona, Minnesota, Maryland, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Missouri, Washington, Indiana, Massachusetts. Population total: 64.9 million.

POD 4: Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Florida, New York, Texas, California. Population total: 160.6 million.

States within a particular pod may vote at any time during the appointed month. They may move their primaries later in the schedule beyond the appointed month, but not earlier.

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Fix the Primaries:

Senator Bill Brock
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San Fernando Valley Young Democrats
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California Democratic Party
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Executive Director
Tom Sansonetti
Former Assistant Attorney General of the Environment and Natural Resources Division of the Department of Justice
Prof. Larry Sabato
Center for Politics
University of Virginia
Tova Wang
Vice President of Research
Common Cause
Professor Marilyn Dudley-Flores
CEO, OPS-Alaska
Sonoma State University
California Democratic State Central Committee
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