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Fix The Primaries represents a bipartisan group of reformers who recognize that our presidential nomination process is breaking down. We believe Congress and the parties should act immediately to create a bipartisan commission to examine far-reaching reform options.

The National Plan

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Jonathan Soros proposed this plan in an op-ed in The New York Times in 2007. We've taken to calling it "the national plan" because it involves a national primary in every state at once --except the polls are open for five months.

How it Works

The National Plan sets a primary date of June 30, and polls open on January 1st. Voters can cast their ballots any time before the primary day, and each month the results are released. In this way, voters can watch as the election unfolds, with ample time for deliberation and reconsideration.

Rather than rely on the traditional early states as the first barometers of success for presidential candidates, the first voters under the National Plan would be self-selecting. Highly motivated and passionate voters would vote the earliest, while others could wait till the end. States like New Hampshire and Iowa would remain relevant throughout the primary.

A plan that treated all states equally would drive voter participation, but also diminish the advantage the strongest fundraisers would have under a single-day national primary.

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Fix the Primaries:

Senator Bill Brock
Former US Senator
(R - Tennessee)
Damian Carroll
San Fernando Valley Young Democrats
David Phelps
Executive Board Member
California Democratic Party
Rob Richie
Executive Director
Tom Sansonetti
Former Assistant Attorney General of the Environment and Natural Resources Division of the Department of Justice
Prof. Larry Sabato
Center for Politics
University of Virginia
Tova Wang
Vice President of Research
Common Cause
Professor Marilyn Dudley-Flores
CEO, OPS-Alaska
Sonoma State University
California Democratic State Central Committee
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